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Friday, January 16, 2009

[Interview] Arena Feb 09

----Your first single of 2008 is a triple-A single. The opening song [Bolero] is very powerful.
JS: The scale for this song is really big, and your tears seem to flow along with the girl (in the song) from the orchestra part in the introduction… That’s the image of the song. It suits the main theme of the ballet movie [Subaru] and the bridge is similar to a song in our album [Love in the Ice]. I think it’s a ballad that’s THSK’s style.
CM: It’s a song that is really easy to emote to while you’re singing.

------There isn’t a part in the end where all 5 of you sing together, but instead, one by one, your voices overlap each other and comes together in an interesting climax.
YH: That’s right. The last part is the climax.
JS: Therefore, I didn’t sing the second refrain myself. It was two, three people singing, and although the others (who aren’t singing) can take a break, it’s rare that only one person is waiting for his part.

---- It sounds amazing
JS: When we sang it earlier for a rehearsal in a music program, the staff doing the checks beside us laughed when they noticed I wasn’t singing alone *laughs*

---- Did they misunderstand you?
JS: Yeah, I think so too.
YH: However, as we want to show our new side through [Bolero], I don’t know whether it’s an something uncommon but this is something to take note of.

-----In this song, it’s Junsu’s, Yoochun’s then Yunho’s solos. So how do the other members feel while waiting (for their parts)? Do you feel very nervous?
YC: We feel happy while waiting for our parts *laughs* When other people are singing, we wait happily for our turn to arrive, right?
CM: That’s right *laughs* Although we’re nervous, it’s a good kind of nervous

--- When Changmin is singing, do you pay special attention to any aspect of the song?
CM: Ah….Ummm~
YC: He doesn’t, Changmin
CM: I just sing naturally *laughs*
JJ: There’s something I pay special attention to!

---- Jaejoong, please explain.
JJ: If we sing the full version of this song, there are 6 parts; yet when we sing this song on programs, we have to cut the song shorter due to time constraints. When singing the shortened version, the song might end just when you think your feelings are all coming up --- therefore, what is important is knowing how to sustain your emotions throughout the song.
YH: When you listen to the song from the beginning to the end, doesn’t it make you feel like listening to it live?

---- Indeed, I think I’ll be really touched when I listen to the climatic ending live. Especially ‘Mamorukara’ (Because I’ll protect you) followed by Yoochun’s ‘Ah~~!’. That was really amazing
YC: Ah~~!! *trying to sing it* …… But I didn’t sing that

YC: That was Micky’s voice
JS: Aren’t they the same person! *laughs*

----Micky-san, was it tough reaching that high note?
YC: Ah.. Yes, actually. My head hurts when singing it *laughs* But I’ll tell myself to sing happily each time

----I think [Bolero] is a difficult song to sing for everyone. How did everyone find it?
YC: That’s right, it’s totally difficult.

-----Totally difficult? *laughs*
YC: Yet, instead of saying it’s difficult, you need to have the will/heart to sing the song
JS: When there’s a will, there’s a way
CM: What does that mean?
JS: If you think it’s difficult, then it’ll be difficult. If you think it’s okay, then it’ll be fine.
YH: He’s a professor, Junsu
JS: Although it’s difficult if you think it’s difficult, it’s hard not to think that way

---- I guess it isn’t that difficult, right? *laughs*
JS: No, as expected, difficult things are tough/difficult. *laughs*
YH: So you’re not a professor after all… *laughs*

--- The whole atmosphere of the PV is rather subdued. Please tell us some interesting episodes that happened during the shoot
JJ: We filmed it pretty late at night. We started filming only after the [Kouhaku] press conference, and filmed till morning.

----- Didn’t you film the PV on the day it was released?
JJ: Yeah. So we didn’t get to meet the actress who played the ballerina since she filmed her parts before we did *laughs*
YC: And because we were filming in a church, it’s a place where you can’t eat in after 10pm. We ended up eating kyuudon and cup noodles inside our bus.

---- It seems very lonesome.
YC: Nevertheless, it was delicious *laughs*

---- Thank goodness *laughs* What do you think of the PV after you’ve watched it?
CM: As the ballet parts made up most of the PV, I felt that it really brought out the feel of the song.

---- Also, in this triple-A single, Yoochun composed and wrote [Kiss the Baby Sky]
YC: The word ‘sky’ in the title overlaps with the image of ‘dreams’. ‘baby’ refers to your childhood. Kissing your dreams means that you’re reaching your dreams…. And I made that all into a song

---- Did you make that song very long ago?
YC: I made it around August.

--- Did you make it for the single?
YC: No. I only knew we were having another single after I finished the song. Therefore, I was flying around when I heard the news.

---- Flying? *laughs*
YC: I was shocked, yet happy

---- How did the rest of you feel after listening to the song
YH: I thought it was a good song
YC: *smiles at Yunho*
JJ: Besides composing and writing the song, I was really surprised when he arranged the song too. We work and rest together, yet he could still produce such a great song in the midst of all this. It’s really amazing.

---- Did you know he was making this song?
CM: I didn’t know
JJ: He made it secretly.
YC: I made it in around 3 days
YH: Yoochun’s a genius. When I first heard it, I felt really free. Although the lyrics aren’t
very happy/bright, the song makes you relax.

---And there’s another song [Please don’t forget], written and composed by Jaejoong.
JJ: I composed the melody first and filled in the lyrics later. The lyrics are about things that happen in one’s everyday life. Also, I wrote the lyrics from a male’s point of view.

--- Did you write it first in Korean, and then change it to Japanese?
JJ: No, I wrote the lyrics in Japanese from the very beginning. I only changed the more complicated words later.
YH: Yoochun wrote his in Japanese from the start too.

---- I see. That’s amazing. [Please don’t forget] is a song that’s very Jaejoong-like.
YC: Really! I think it’s very ‘Jaejoong-like’ too.
JJ: Ah, though I’ve often been told that it’s a ‘Jaejoong-style song’, but I don’t really know what my style is either.
YC: There are 2 kinds of Jaejoong – Jaejoong in Japan and Jaejoong in Korea. This song is Jaejoong in Japan’s image.
JJ: So, how am I like in Korea?
YC: Hardcore
All: *burst out laughing*

--- And in Japan?
YC: In Japan he gives off a lonely feeling
JS: He carries loneliness with him
YC: He’s like black coffee. It’s a song that will make you want to cry.
YH: When I first heard the song, I thought the lyrics were about me. I thought the feelings of person in the lyrics were like mine. Therefore, I could empathize with the song.
JS: I was it was really Jaejoong-like. I seemed to feel good.

---- “I seemed to feel good.” *laughs*
JJ: This is one of THSK’s simpler songs and it’s easy on the ears
YC: This song totally suits a Japanese anime
CM: Which one?
JS: Ponyo
YC: No *laughs* [Grave of the Fireflies]. It suits the sad scenes of the movie
CM: It suits [Galaxy Express 999] too
YC: Ah~ That’s because Changmin likes Maetal
CM: I like them. Because I like pretty things *laughs* It’s a song that really suits the anime

---- It’s really meaningful that a songs composed by THSK members was included in the single, isn’t it?
YH: It’s really meaningful, this might mark a turning point in THSK’s history and it’s a great beginning to the year.

---- So lastly, I’ll ask a question with regards to the lyrics in [Bolero]. Firstly, [A place where your sadness will be healed]. Where’s a place where you can recuperate/ find rest?
CM: Junsu’s room
YC: Toilet!! *laughs*
Everyone: #@&*!#^&8!

---- Wait, let’s do this one person at a time. Changmin said Junsu’s room?
CM: Yeah~Actually, it’s inside the car

--- That’s not Junsu’s room
CM: Junsu’s room is interesting. It’s just interesting. *laughs*

---- What about Junsu?
JS: Since it’s a double decker bed, I can recuperate when the manager sleeps on the 1st storey of the bed.
CM Do you feel happy being above our manager, right?
JJ: He likes looking down from above

--- Is that true? *laughs* What about Yunho?
YH: The streets. I feel good whenever I’m walking down an empty street alone [you will NEVER be ALONE Yunho... there'll be FANS STALKING you as you walk down the street!!!]
JJ: The river. It’s the only place where I can recuperate. [I'd say the beach... but I'll be glad to take a stroll with you anytime on the Han River too...]
YC: I recuperate by staring at the stove in the house. It’ll be even better if I’ve got wine with me. [typical romantic dandy boy style relaxation... even better if there's a pretty gal beside you to snuggle with rite, Yoochun?]
CM: I, it isn’t ‘inside the car’ for me, but the more beautiful place -deep in the mountain
JJ: Wait. Changmin says ‘deep in the mountain’, but how many times have you been there since you’ve debuted?
CM: 3 times… around there
JJ: Liar *laughs*
CM: But it’s really pretty there *determined*
JS: I think you can recuperate if you climb to the mountain top. Speaking of mountains…

--- Umm~ Sorry. We don’t have much time left so one more question. Regarding the word [passion] in the lyrics, as of now, where do your passions lie?
JJ: In music

--- That’s cool~ I was hoping you’d give that answer
YC: I’ve been really passionate about my throat recently

--- Interested in your throat?
YC: Yeah. I want to keep it in good condition and I’m very passionate about not letting it be too dry
JJ: Ah! There’s something I want to be passionate about, that’s…
JS: Okay, next please

--- *laughs* What about Junsu?
JS: Moving house!
CM: That’s good, all the best!
JS: Ah~ As expected, something that I’m passionate about is wanting to listen to good songs

----That’s great. Lastly, Changmin?
CM: Recently…. I don’t really have passion for anything

---- The cool Changmin?
CM: Yeah, I just want to lead a quiet and subdued life.

---- Lastly, Yunho.
YH: Exercising. Bowling or snowboarding. Though I don’t really have time to do all those, I’m really passionate/enthusiastic about wanting to try those things. I want to have the passion for sports.

--- Please take care of yourselves this winter! Thank you!

Translated by: Sparkskey
Credits to: DNBN

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