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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another song for my HERO...

Younha - Hero

다신 어디도 갈 수 없어

Dashin uhdido gal su ubtsuh
I can't go anywhere anymore

네가 올 것만 같아서
nega ol geotman gatasuh
It feels as if you're going to come back

떠난 그 길에 멈춰서 있어

ddeonan geu gireh meomchwuhseo ittsuh
So I've stopped on the road where you left me

다른 사랑도 할 수 없어
Dareun sarangdo hal su ubtsuh
I can't love another

아픈 이별이 커져서
apeun eebyulee keojyeosuh
Yet this painful separation expands

여린 내 몸이 견디지 못해 터질지도 몰라

yeorin nae momee gyeondaji mothae teojiljido molla
My fragile body can't withstand this, I think I might explode

*언제나 You’re my hero
eonjena you’re my hero
You're always going to be my hero

그래 난 너뿐야

geurae nan neobboonya
Yeah, you're the only one for me

너 없는 감옥에서 하루도 살아 갈 수 없어
neo ubtsneun gamokehsuh harudo sara gal su ubtsuh
I can't go and live another day in a prison without you

어두운 밤 저 하늘로 꿈처럼 날아가
eoduwoon bam jeo haneulro ggoomcheoreom naraga
In the dark night, I want to fly into the sky like a dream

너를 찾아서 안기고 싶어
neoreul chajasuh angido shipuh
Longing for you and your embrace

다시 흐르는 눈물마저

Dashi heureuneun noonmoolmajeo
Even the tears that fall again

나쁜 버릇이 되어서

nabbeun beoreutee dwiuhsuh
Became a bad habit of mine

이젠 더 이상 가릴 수 없어
eejen deo eesang garil su ubtsuh
Now I can't hide this any longer

머릿속에는 네가 있어 가슴속에도 있어서
meorit sokeneun nega ittsuh gaseum sokedo uttsuhsuh
There you are in my mind and again in my heart

어떤 누구도 담을 수 없어
eoddeon nugudo dameul su ubtsuh
I cannot fill them with anyone else

미칠지도 몰라
michiljido molla
I think I'll go crazy


보고 싶다고 울고 있다고
Bogo shipdago oolgo ittsdago
I miss you, and I'm still crying

너를 잊는 건 못한다고
neoreul ijneun geon mothandago
Forgetting you is something I cannot do

사랑한다고 내게 오라고 나를 위해 기도해

saranghandago naege orago nareul wihae gidohae
I love you and pray you'll come back to me

가다 만 발걸음도
gadaman balgeoreumdo
Steps from a walk I haven't finished

타다 만 사진도
tada man sajindo
Pictures which haven't burned completely

더 이상 쓸모없는 추억도 버릴 수가 없어
deo eesang sseulmoubtsneun chooukdo beoril suga ubtsuh
Memories that are useless now, I cannot throw them away

어둔 밤 저 하늘로 꿈처럼 날아가
eodoon bam jeo haneulro ggoomcheoreom naraga
Like a dream, I fly into the dark night sky

너를 찾아서 안기고 싶어
neoreul chajasuh angigo shipuh
Wanting to find and be embraced by you

* repeat

another song named HERO...

and I wanna dedicate it to my Young Woong...

it's a style he likes too...


so it's suitable...


キット (^^,)v

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