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Thursday, February 12, 2009

[News] TVXQ commemorates Lotte Duty Free Shop with a Talk Show

Lotte Duty Free Shop model TVXQ commemorate the inauguration with a premier talk show in Seoul has been announced for March 28, 2009.

Tour details:
* There is also a talk show & games. As for the event, there are approximately 5 songs in which they would includ a hit tune.
* Having a good time while talking. To all participants, the TVXQ Lotte Duty Free Shop, presents with not yet released original goods free! (When passing a gift, you can shake hands with a member and soon, the ‘high touch’ has begun.)
*To All participants in the Tour, they would get a Lotte Duty Free Shop gift certificates (10,000 yen) for free.
* Just for Tour Participants only! Lotte Duty Free Shop the TVXQ bargain sales opening. It’s a chance that you can’t get to miss, original goods that you wont obtain in Japan.

Tour participants is limited. All seats are reserved. (The seats are choosen by a local lottery)

Stay in tune on Feb 6th 2009 at 18:00 for futher information and details.

Application Period:
2009/02/06 (18:00) - 2 / 16 (17:00)
2009/02/19 (10:00) - 2 / 22 (17:00)

In regard of the acceptance of this tour its a first-come order.
Please note that if the primary acceptance of this tour is sold-out, there are times when the second application is not to be done.

Signing up for the event, following the travel agency, TVXQ tour made be a dedicated private desk. Member firms affiliated to record companies and artist fan club, contacting the public relations firm will be refused. Furthermore, as soon as it become sold-out, it would be close.

TVXQ’s tour private desk:
Narita, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka arrival & departure: Sorority Terumi, 03 -3499 -8950
Haneda Sapporo Sendai arrival & departure: Top Tour, 044-820-0168
Osaka arrival & departure: Nippon Travel Agency, 06 -6344 -3660

As for details click here!

Credits: Red Smile
English Translation: Rosa @ TVXQsoul
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + legra88@multiply

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