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Saturday, January 30, 2010

[NEWS] 100129 Yu Kigoshi's Blog Update: Message from Yunho's Father

2010-01-29 12:05:59

Yunho's father is quite hurt by a certain magazine article

Some of you should know
of an article in a certain magazine concerning Yunho’s father.

When I arrived at my company this morning and turned on my PC, there was an email from Yunho’s father.
Since there was a direct request from him to convey the truth, I would like to write about this matter.

I myself try not to believe in weekly magazine topics.
Of course, there are times when the reporters are careful in searching and writing the truth, and on the other hand, there are articles which are absurd.
That’s why I only read weekly magazines as a personal amusement.

The content of the article in the magazine is “Yunho cannot get out of the entertainment company because his father is in debt with them.”

This time, Yunho’s father was asking for my cooperation, so I will show the related parts of the message itself to all of you in order to convey the truth.

TO: Mr. Kigoshi,

Almost a month has passed since the year 2010 began.
Are you in good health?
There are a lot of disasters that have happened in many places around the world, and I am really sorry and it pains my heart.

A Japanese fan contacted and informed me that there was a certain article in Japan’s “Women’s **,” and it seems that the contents are offensive and dismal. I think it is necessary to actually confirm whether or not there was such an article.

I heard that they reported in their article, “The reason why Yunho cannot get out of the company is because his father is still in debt with them.”

I received the notice that there was a very offensive and groundless article.
Did the staff members of the company make such comments?

If above is true, that should be libelous or slanderous, so I request Mr. Kigoshi to confirm this matter.
If there should be people who believe in the article, please convey to them the truth.

As I have explained to you Mr. Kigoshi when you came to Gwangju to collect data, I have worked for companies only for more than twenty years.
Previously, I worked for a finance company, and now I am an executive. I am an employee who is paid a salary.
The nursing school is owned by the company, and I am also the principal there.
Since I am the principal, some tend to think that I own it, but I do not; I only manage the place.

Six years have passed since Yunho started his activities as part of Tohoshinki, and nothing has changed for me and my family.
Yunho’s mother (my wife) and I are steadily commuting to our jobs. We have purchased the house which, we are living in now, fourteen years ago; we have bought our car seven years ago, and we are still using it.
I, Yunho, and my family have never gone into business, trade, or any side businesses which need great funds. We have not purchased real estate or expensive belongings, so we do not need large sums of money.

For Yunho, during these six years, we have paid the tax and various expenses from his earnings, used some for the needy and for volunteer work, and have saved all the rest. (Yunho has not bought a house, a car, and didn’t set aside money for any side business.)

Yunho and I have some money which we have saved, so I want to question their responsibility with this regard. “Why am I in need of money enough to borrow from the company?” “What is the purpose of spreading such groundless rumors?” That’s why I am seeking for Mr. Kigoshi’s cooperation.

This is just a quick note to let you know. Please always maintain your health.

Since it was a request from Yunho’s father, I am posting most of the contents here.
(I have omitted the part of Yunho’s schedule.)

As you know, Yunho’s father does not appear on media, and is observing the developments calmly. But for this time, there was a message from him since “there was a report which is not true.” Since he sent me the message believing in me, I would like to convey the truth.

Looking at the detailed message, I assume that he really wanted to convey the truth and to inform as many people as possible of it, so I would like to pass them to everybody.

There are many articles and topics 'expanding' on Tohoshinki's problem; the dangerous thing is, the topics that are spoken of are based on guesses made in private, and they aren't supposed to be made public.

I think that not many should believe that weekly magazine, but since there is this detailed email from Yunho’s father, I wanted everyone to understand the truth.

Also, since Yunho’s father has requested cooperation, I would inform him the fact that there is such an article.

Everybody should be anxious about:
“What will become of Tohoshinki in the future? We want them to stay just as they are.”

We should not be carried away. We should only watch the truth, and wait for them, paying little attention to the guesses and speculation



2010-01-29 13:55:27

The importance of determining the truth

Thank you everyone for spreading my recent article; it gave me encouragement.
All of your powers are like the Spirit Bomb (*Genkidama) of Dragon Ball.
(T/N: “Dragon Ball” is a famous Japanese comic book. “Genkidama” is the “Spirit Bomb” which receives and also sends out positive and energetic powers from/to everyone.)

This is it.
(T/N: Kigoshi indicating the picture of “Genkidama” from “Dragon Ball.”)

Those of you, my mother’s generation, do you know the spirit bomb?
If you have a son, you should know?

I have sent out my message to Yunho’s father as follows.
Of course, I have conveyed all of your messages.

Almost a month has passed since the year 2010 began.
I became to be of the age to think, “Why does the time go by in such a fast speed?”

Kigoshi’s letter to Yunho’s father:


Dear Father (T/N: Yunho’s father), how are you?
I’ve also seen the article.
I will transfer the contents.

Magazine “Shukan Josei” (T/N: “Weekly Woman”), pages 42-43.
“Previously, Yunho’s father was in debt with the entertainment company SM. The debt seems to be cleared already, but Yunho is promised to participate in the company’s management position, related to the situation. That is the reason why Yunho cannot get out of the company.”

The article is written like that.
To make it understandable, “Yunho’s father was in debt with the company before. All of the debts are now cleared, but Yunho is promised to work in the management position of the company in the future, so he could not get away from the company.”
(T/N: The contents of the two paragraphs are so identical. I cannot see any differences. Probably, Kigoshi wanted to repeat his wordings twice to make sure he is writing them without any mistakes.)

Father, I believe in your words which you have told me before, so I ignore all these absurd reports, but if I was to be in your position, the article would have made me feel terrible.
I do not like these groundless rumors, so I do my best to make direct interviews as much as possible before writing the articles.

There should be no fan who will believe the article, but I have also written in my blog that the article is absurd, and that the fans should not believe the contents.
Many fans will read my words, and believe in Father’s words.

I will do the best that I can.
And for this article, I will take pictures and send them to you.
Please tell me if you need the magazine, I can send it to you.

Please do not worry. All the Japanese fans are always with Father and Yunho.
If you have any other concerns, or if you want to seek my help, please feel free to contact me!


Kigoshi’s note:

I will be happy if Yunho’s father reads my message and feels relieved.

As you know, the publishing industry is now on fire, too.
They scurry about to catch information, and to make an article. I do not think that is all wrong, but sometimes, the information is completely different from the facts, and they are writing rumors as if they are the truth. I want them to know that the person concerned gets really hurt.

As I have previously written, it is dangerous to judge by guesses and speculation.

(few sentences omitted)

Let’s ignore these groundless rumors.

If I receive a message from Yunho’s father, I will convey them to all of you.
And please lend me your hand during necessary times.
Not for me, but for Yunho’s father.

Source: Yu Kigoshi's Blog here and here
Translation: smiley @
Special thanks: junsulv and diana© @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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