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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[INFO]TVXQ Chosen By Viewers Of American Talk Show 'Ellen Degeneres Show' As A Rising Star

TVXQ has been chosen by viewers of a famous American talk show as 'the foreign artiste who should be introduced to Ellen'.

In the 'Send Ellen Your International Music Suggestions!' event that began on NBC's 'Ellen Degeners Show' homepage in January, TVXQ received over 20,000 suggestions and was recorded as the artiste most suggested by netizens. This was achieved by a collaborative effort of fans in Korea as well as in Asia.

Many of the suggestions included the popularity of TVXQ/Tohoshinki in Japan and in Asia in general. This seems to be the work of fans across Asia coming together for a common cause.

With TVXQ being chosen as the singer with the most suggestions, many wonder if TVXQ will appear on the 'Ellen Degeneres Show'. The 'Ellen Degeneres Show' is a representative talk show in America alongside 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' and is popular with around 10 million households tuning in. Even just appearing on the show will be a strong foundation for an entry into the American music market for TVXQ. The Ellen Degeneres Show homepage did state that the singer with the most suggestions may be asked to appear on the show.

Regarding this, TVXQ's agency SM Entertainment stated, "We did hear about this but we have not yet received an official invitation." He also continued to say, "Currently, TVXQ is split between U-Know Yunho-Choikang Changmin, and Xiah Junsu-YoungWoong Jaejoong-Micky Yoochun. At the current situation, it would not be easy for the five members to appear on the show together." Currently, TVXQ is performing only in important events in Japan.


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We reported earlier about actress, TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres asking people for international music suggestions via her website. Since then, the majority of viewer votes has gone to none other than TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki!

Since January 21st, fans have been voicing their support as the website logged over 20,000 suggestions for TVXQ alone. That’s quite an impressive gesture of fandom and Korean media points the success to a collaborative effort of Korean netizens and other international fans.

So the question is: Will TVXQ be setting foot on American soil? That’s still unknown but appearing on a talk show with nearly 10 million in viewership could definitely open up new possibilities for the k-pop industry.

SM Entertainment has also heard about the victory and stated, “We have heard about the matter but we have yet to receive an official invitation.” They added, “Currently, TVXQ is split between Yunho-Changmin, and Junsu-Jaejoong-Micky Yoochun. It won’t be easy for all 5 members to participate.”

So what’s this mean for fans? Well, it’s not exactly a no on SM’s part but it’s not exactly a yes either. We also have to remember that Ellen has yet to send out a formal invitation, but near the beginning of the contest she did mention that they may send one out. So for now, all we can do is sit back and keep our fingers crossed.

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