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Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Preview] TVXQ - With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」

This song is also chosen to be the theme song for a Japanese movie called "〜君が踊る、夏〜" which will be released this year...

[LYRICS+TRANS] 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」
>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

JS: 鏡に映った 掛け違えた シャツのボタン
そんな些細な事で 君がいれば良かったと思う
Kagami utsutta kakechigaeta shatsu no botan
sonna sasayi na koto de kimi ga ireba yokatta to omou
The shirt’s button, reflected in the mirror, hangs wrongly
Such a trivial thing, if you were here, I’d (think) be glad

YH: 会えない時間が僕らの愛を強くした
Aenai jikan ga bokura no ai of tsuyokumini coopera
Kotoba ni…
In the time that we can’t see each other, our love strengthens

YC: それぞれを待つ日々は
Sorezore o matsu hibi wa
Isogashiku sugiru kedo
Konna ni mo…konna ni mo
Though (I) busily pass by the waiting days,
even so, just like this…like this…

JJ: 会いたくてずっと君を思うよ
もう一度 my heart 伝えたくて
Aitakute zutto kimo o omou yo
Kokoro kara kimi o
mouichidou my heart tsutaetakute
I want to see you, I will always think of you
From my heart
Once more-my heart-I want to give [transfer] it to you.

CM: 君が ___ば僕は行くよ
もう 二度と your heart 離さないから
Kimi ga ______ boku wa yuku yo
kimi no soba de waraitaindayo
donna hi mo zutto kimi o omou yo
kokoro kara kimo wo
mou nidoto your heart hanasanai kara
If you _(call?)_, I will go (be there)
To laugh by your side
No matter what kind of day it is I will always think of you
From my heart
Now, once again-your heart-I wont let it go

JS: 君が泣けば僕は行くよ
Kimi ga nakeba boku wa yuku yo
kimi was istumo mamortitaindayo
If you cry, I will go (be there)
I want to always protect you

YC: 君が望むなら
Kimi ga nozomu nara
If you wish

JJ: 全てを尽くして
Subete o tsukumini coopere
I will strive(?) for everything

JS: 君の描く未来
The future you describe
Kimino egaku mirai

CM: 永遠の夢をかなえたい
Eien no yume o kanaetai
I want to realise that eternal dream

JJ: 何度でも true heart 僕の smile for you
Nandemo true heart boku no smile for youm
No matter how many times -too heart- my smile for you

CM: 悲しくても 嬉しくても 君の側で笑いたいんだよ
Kanashikute mo ureshikutemo kimi no soba de waraitain dayo
In sadness, in happiness, I want to laugh by your side

YC: (With all my heart)
何も I’ll be there for you
(WIth all my heart)
Nani mo I’ll be there for you
No matter what I’ll be there for you

Source: DNBN
Credits+Translation: visualshock
shared by: DBSKnights


another song that makes me miss them even MORE than before...
i know that i'll NEVER stop waiting for tvxq...
simply cos i REALLY love their music...

just 1 listen at their voices singing can calm and soothe my most stressful moments...
and not to mention just 1 look at their dorky videos can brighten my darkest days and make me smile like a fool for 1 whole day...

it's kinda crazy but sometimes i find myself smiling like a fool while listening to them crooning ballads on my ipod while walking on the streets, or commuting on the bus...

people might think i'm mad...
but i pretty much don't care what they think...
i'm enjoying my special moment with my tvxq...
and i'm LOVING it...

united as 5 again soon...
and come back to cassiopiea soon...

キット (^^,)v

언제나 비가와도 칠흙같이 캄캄한 어둠이 와도...
그대 곁에서 기다릴께 ...
Nothing better than that...

[Color - Melody & Harmony]

For someone’s sake
we are here,
Although we can only achieve small things,
Even just for 1 second,
We still want to stop all the tears in this world,
And turn them all into smiles

My music is my life
For you, for your smile...

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