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Monday, August 16, 2010

For all girls who love our 5 meotjin namjas...

【Hero】Boyfriend (JaeJoong version)

【Xiah】Boyfriend (Junsu version)

【Micky】Boyfriend (Yoochun version)

【U-Know】Boyfriend (Yunho version)

【Max】Boyfriend (Changmin version)

romanizations by: QK (also credit:
translation by: Delacroix @

* 어쩌다 어쩌다 어쩌다
eojjeoda eojjeoda eojjeoda
How come, how come, how come
널 사랑하게 됐는지
neol saranghage dwaenneunji
How did I end up loving you
내가 왜 이꼴이 됐는지
naega wae iggori dwaenneunji
How come I’ve ended up like this
어쩌다 어쩌다 어쩌다
eojjeoda eojjeoda eojjeoda
How come, how come, how come
내 맘 다 타버렸는지
nae maum da tabeoryeonneunji
How come I’m in such distress
내가 이런 바보 였는지
naega ireon babo yeonneunji
How come I was such a fool like this

이거 참 이럴줄은 몰랐어
igeo cham ireoljureun mollasseo
Didn't know it would be happen to me
오늘도 난 지쳐 너만 기다리다
oneuldo nan jichyeo neoman gidarida
I get exhausted waiting for you again today
너 때문에 눈물 쏙 뺀 여자들
neo ddaemune nunmul ssok bbaen yeojadeul
So many girls who cried rivers because of you
그 중에 하나가 되기는 싫었어
geu junge hanaga dwegineun shireosseo
I never wanted to be one of them
너를 바라보다 아차 싶었어
neoreul baraboda acha shipeosseo
I lost myself watching you
다잡았던 내 맘 놓치고 말았어
dajabatdeon nae mam nochigo marasseo
My firm mind got loose
그런 나를 부르면 Oh My Honey
geureon nareul bureumyeon Oh My Honey
Whenever you call me, Oh My Honey
일분일초만에 니 앞에 있는 나
ilbunilchomane ni ape inneun na
I’d show up in front of you without delay
너무 멋진 멋진 그대
neomu meotjin meotjin geudae
You are so handsome handsome
널 바라보면 어질어질해
neol barabomyeon eojireojilhae
Watching you makes me dizzy dizzy
너무 나쁜 나쁜 그대
neomu nabbeun nabbeun geudae
You are so mean mean
다 모르는 척 웃고만 있네
da moreuneun cheok utgoman inne
Smiling like you don't know a thing

* repeat

아무렇지 않은 척 해도
amureochi aneun cheok haedo
Even if you don't show it
네게는 다 보이겠지, 난
negeneun da boigetji, nan
You must be able to see right through me
유명했어 까칠 도도..
yumyeonghaesseo ggachil dodo..
I was famous for being arrogant and proud
이런 내가 변해, 너로 인해
ireon naega byeonhae, neoro inhae.
But I changed because of you

고로 나를 도로 돌려놔줘
goro nareul doro dollyeonwajweo
So should you change me back to what I was
나를 봐줘 Red Alert
nareul bwajweo Red Alert
I’m warning you Red Alert
너와 있으면 왜
neowa isseumyeon wae
Why am I like this when I'm with you
이럴까 심장이 멎어!
ireolgga shimjangi meojeo!
My heart stops beating

끝이 뻔히 보이는 게임이야
ggeuti bbeonhi boineun geimiya
It’s a game with such a predictable ending
나를 모두 말려 니 말만 나오면
nareul modu mallyeo ni malman naomyeon
All tell me to stop everytime I mention you
그래도 난 어쩔수가 없잖아
geuraedo nan eojjeolsuga eopjana
But I can't help it
너만 생각하면 입가엔 미소만
neoman saenggakhamyeon ipga-en misoman
Just thinking of you makes me smile

하루 하루 고민고민 해봐도
haru haru gomingomin haebwado
Even if I worry about it every day
너의 속을 몰라 깜깜한 밤이야
neoye sogeul molla ggamggamhan bamiya
I can't see through you, its like a dark night
나만 보고 말해줘 Oh My Darling
naman bogo malhaejweo Oh My Darling
Tell me while looking at only me, Oh My Darling
지겹지도 않니 그 많은 여자들
jigyeobjido anni geu maneun yeojadeul
Aren't you sick of having all those girls around you?

너무 멋진 멋진 그대
neomu meotjin meotjin geudae
You are so handsome handsome
날 바라볼 땐 아찔아찔 해
nal barabol ddaen ajjirajjil hae
Watching you is so thrilling thrilling
너무 바쁜 바쁜 그대
neomu babbeun babbeun geudae
You are so busy busy
하루라도 더 보고 싶은데
harurado dae bogo shipeunde
I want to be with you every day

* repeat

내가 널 더 좋아하지만
naega neol deo joahajiman
I know I like you more than you like me but
You don't be nasty
미치겠어 나의 마음이
michigesseo naye ma-eumi
I'm going crazy, my love
커커커커 커져가네
keokeokeokeo keojyeogane
is becoming bigger
난 어어어어 어쩔까예~
nan eo eo eo eo eojjeolggaye~
What should I do?
오로지 그대에게 반했죠
oroji geudae-ege banhaetjyo
You’re the only one that fascinates me
사랑한다고 내게 말해줘~~
saranghandago naege malhaejweo~~
Tell me that you love me

어쩌다 어쩌다 어쩌다
eojjeoda eojjeoda eojjeoda
How come, how come, how come
그렇게 넌 태어났는지
geureoke neon tae-eonanneunji
How come you were born like that
내 맘을 다 뺏어갔는지
nae mameul da bbaeseoganneunji
How come you’ve stolen my entire heart
어쩌다 어쩌다 어쩌다
eojjeoda eojjeoda eojjeoda
How come, how come, how come
내 눈앞에 나타났는지
nae nunape natanneunji
How come you came up in front of me
사랑하게 만들었는지
saranghage mandeureonneunji
How come you made me love you
How come~


once i saw this on youtube (jaejoong's version), i knew i had to post it up...
the song is STUCK in my head, and everytime i hear it, my mind will conjure up the dorky images of my boo, and i'll start smiling... (same like the lyrics neh?) lol...
and was quite surprised to see they did it for every member...
cassies...big east...
and/or all girls who love meotjin namjas...

キット (^^,)v

언제나 비가와도 칠흙같이 캄캄한 어둠이 와도...
그대 곁에서 기다릴께 ...
Nothing better than that...

[Color - Melody & Harmony]
For someone’s sake
we are here,
Although we can only achieve small things,
Even just for 1 second,
We still want to stop all the tears in this world,
And turn them all into smiles
My music is my life
For you, for your smile...
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