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Monday, August 3, 2009

[NEWS] Expert says “very difficult for all 5 members of TVXQ to remain together”

A bad day for fans of the most popular idol group in Korea, Asia and the world. The day started off with rumors of TVXQ/DBSK disbanding, which was followed swiftly by SM Entertainment representatives stating, that they will pretty much do whatever it takes to keep TVXQ together.

This major conflict resulted in Lee Soo Man, owner of SM Entertainment, to fly back home to Korea from his America headquarters, to try and resolve the matter personally. At this time however, there are still no new developments about the progress of the negotiations. There's only speculation and rumors of what's to come.

A Music Industry Expert stated, "Usually when an issue like this arises, it's very difficult to come to a resolution. Currently the 5 members of TVXQ are split into two teams. In addition, the animosity that has come about between SM Entertainment and TVXQ, will make it very difficult for all 5 members of TVXQ to remain together."

Stay tuned for more developments, only on allkpop.

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