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Thursday, August 27, 2009

[NEWS] Take a look into SM Entertainment Lee SooMan’s luxurious life


Catching attention of the netizens recently is the office-home where SM Entertainment’s President, Lee SooMan (age 57) is residing in.

Lets just say, it’s located in KangNam… (aka. Korean Beverly Hills).

The office-home that Lee SooMan resides in is located in KangNam, and is one of the luxury-est (?) building there.

The building itself is composed of 23 floors, where each floor the sizes range from 55 ~ 118 (average Korean houses : 20’s). The biggest floor, 118, has a set payment of 200,000 and a payment of 9,000~ 10,000 in a month.

A view of Han Kang River is accessible and the furniture are mainly imported from Germany, USA, and Sweden. Lee SooMan is assumed to live in the 15th floor, room numbers 1504 and 1505.

Supposedly, this office-home is also supposed to be used for the court trial with SM Entertainment and Dong Bang Shin Ki.







Is it just me… or does that pool remind anyone of Boys Over Flowers?


Sookyeong: gahh,I miss The Grace

Netizens say:

  • “That is supposed to be DBSK’s money”
  • “He looks like a bus driver ajusshi”
  • “That does not look like a house, more like a hotel”

Credit: K Bites


indeed i agree that his house looks more like a hotel presidential suite than a house...
it's like straight out of Boys Over Flowers set...
but i think it's not only TVXQ's money...
it's Boa's, and Super Junior's, and SHINee's too...

and can someone tell me please, why would someone need 2 apartments on the same floor when they are SO DAMN HUGE???!!!!

and when u hold court trial here...
won't u sense IMMEDIATELY that the guys HAD been EXPLOITED and give them back their JUSTICE!!!!

キット (^^,)v

언제나 비가와도 칠흙같이 캄캄한 어둠이 와도...
그대 곁에서 기다릴께 ...
Nothing better than that...

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