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Sunday, May 9, 2010

[Fanaccount] 100509 Shinookubo May 8

An article from a Japanese blog

(T/N: Shinookubo is a famous Korean town located near Shinjuku, Tokyo, a holy place for KPOP and Korean drama fans.)

Today I went to Shinookubo, after about 3 months…

OMG \(◎o◎)/!
The shops and the product cycles are changing in such a high speed……

The 韓流百貨店 (T/N: Hanryuu Hyakkaten) just near the station is famous.
I heard that the place for Tohoshinki goods were moved, from a friend that recently went there. Now, it is truly a VIP ROOM!
The 2nd floor is totally the TOHOSHINKI room.
And, this is the stairs going to the 2nd floor. It is the front page of magazine JJ! (lol)

I was making weird sounds, “Wow~!” (lol)
I want this whole staircase!

The VIP room is like this.

Most of the goods sold were Tohoshinki goods.
And, the pictures of the goods were mostly new.
Many goods were sold out, for instance, tapestries.

But, first comers, please look out.
The veterans just take a good look around the shop, and go to the other stores.
The prices of the goods differ by each shop, sometimes the price difference is even up to 500yen (USD $5.50). A good shopper may remember such situations^^

I was surprised that there were many new shops.
Today, I saw 2 to 3 new shops that I have never seen before.
If you step into the back alley, there are small shops which are selling the goods at cheap prices, it’ll save your money.

One of those shops… is beyond my imagination.

The shop was made around March this year, 70% of the goods sold on the 1st floor is of Tohoshinki, and when you go upstairs to the second floor, 100% of the goods sold are Tohoshinki ones.
The shop is totally a TOHOSHINKI shop!
There is a big screen in the back of the shop, and the programs that Tohoshinki performed were on screen.

Today, the program Music Fighter (broadcasted around the T tour), and Yoochun was on screen (T/N: the blogger romi-san is a great fan of Yoochun). It seemed that many of the ladies there were watching the program for their first time, everyone was riveted by the images and laughing aloud.
I wanted to see Yoochun’s clear files, but the auntie who was carried away did not move and make room for me (lol)
Oh, there was a sense of togetherness, it was like a offline party, everyone seemed to look so happy.
I want these kinds of shops to increase…
But many should just watch TV and be carried away, they shop owners may lose their business…(*^m^*)

Later, going home, I again realized Tohoshinki’s popularity.

Shopping is really fun^^
When we women go shopping, our daily stresses are carried away, we really feel refreshed.
If the shoppings are for Tohoshinki goods, that will be the most delightful.
Yes, everyone’s eyes were twinkling.

I wish a day would come when I could say “I want to purchase all the goods from here to there~!” ~(*^m^*)

source: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
translation: smiley @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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