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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[INTERVIEW] Xiah Junsu

Junsu, who dominated the music scene with vocal group DBSK, has
now released a single as “XIAH junsu”. The single is named [XIAH].
Through Junsu’s vocals, which is termed as the “Voice of Asia”, this
completed work is a collection of a dance track that displays a strong
sense of maturity and a ballad, a genre that Junsu excels in.

Be it in the hearing or visual effects, Junsu has actively involved himself in
the entire production process. Junsu was really nervous about releasing a single in his own
name. Even so, he has overcome that nerve to complete this work

The solo track has been completed already, right?

Yes. Even though it was quite tough handling both the musical
[“Mozart!”] and the production of the single at the same time early
this year, I was also very happy doing it.
[Intoxication] is really a dance track that leaves people with a deep impression.
I have been singing ballads for a long time now, and the image of me as
a ballad singer is etched very deeply [in the minds of the audience].
Since I was going to perform as a solo artiste, I was determined to try
something that was different from what I used to do in the past.
You were involved in both the composition of the melody and the lyrics.

What are your thoughts and feelings about that?

When I shared my intentions of wanting to try [composition] with the
people around me, there was a renewed vigor [in me]. Composing is
really something very joyful (laughs).
You must have really enjoyed yourself in the production process.
When I first heard the song, an image of how it would look like on
stage came to my mind so I really enjoyed the recording process. When
you sing in a group, you have to take note of the balance amongst the
other members. However, as I am the only person singing this time, I
have to pay attention to the expressions of the different tones and
take note if I have successfully interpreted the liveliness of the song.
When you are singing alone, do you meet up with more barriers?
How do I say it… In comparison to harmonizing, you need a different
amount of focus and energy. However, based on the recording so far, I
would use the knowledge accumulated from past experiences, and along
with the mindset that this song is very important, to try and attempt a
We would like to ask some questions relating to the
lyrics…Mr. H.U.B was in charge of coming up with lyrics, and within the
song, an underlying meaning of “excitement” and “indulgence” existed,
so there was a kind of lustful feel in the content in the lyrics…
(Intentionally) This is…you can also count as part of my suggestion!? (laughs)
(To affirm) So, it’s really so! (laughs)
It really is…(laughs). It appeared a lot of times, for example, “Touch
me baby” and words like that (that hint at sex). But this is still
R&B music, so we used lyrics that complemented the sexual feel of
the song.
There will be even more blunt words when you officially perform it on stage. We are already quite lenient.
Yes! Yes! It will get worse! (laughs)
Even though it wasn’t solely me this time, I think it will be much harder if I were to come up with the lyrics myself.
(Explodes in laughter together) Men who are that deeply in
love are really great.

What do you yourself think should be the image
of a mature guy?

I’ve mentioned before that it’s the type that will carry a heart to
carry for others. Compared to one with charisma or authority, it should
be those type who can naturally treat others with care, and treat women
with gentleness and provide love.

How about all those tactics to test one’s feelings for the other?

I feel there should not be a need for that. If you really love that
person, to the point that you are willing to do away with your pride,
then you should be able to face each other sincerely and honestly. When
it comes to tactics…well, this is not child’s play.
Woah~~ (claps)! Sounds like a very “adult” speech.
When I first started, I used to have those kind of feelings, but
looking back now, I wouldn’t do it. Instead I would think of why I
didn’t pay more attention to her. I don’t want to have regrets over
such issues. To be able to reveal one’s true feelings to the other
person would be the best thing for each other.

How about the lead in [Kanashimi no Yukue]?

To be able to say something like “Happiness to me, compared to an end,
a change will cause more loneliness”, to separate from someone whom you
treasure a lot is very painful.
Such feelings were expressed very well through your voice.
If you listening from the start to the end, you’ll realize that there is totally no harmonizing.
When you are into the song, frankly speaking, you just want to sing it
such that it will directly express the true feelings of the entire song.
One can experience the beauty of the piano along with the melody.
I am very pleased about this part too.
I chose this song out of the many I have heard because when you sing a
ballad alone, there is always a feeling of loneliness. Also, this image
is very similar to my own.

By the way, if you are caught within the emotions caused by the expressions of such songs, how do you deal with it?

It happens mostly when I’m listening to the music, but I try to think more positively.
I’m sure most of us would have experienced such times when we are caught within such emotions…but I would probably hide it.
Even though I hide it, there were times where I occasionally got discovered. (laughs)
Any human beings would have such times. (laughs) So, you have titled these completed words as [XIAH].
Yes. You can say this that [work] is me. It is a work that I hope everyone will be attracted to listen to.
To use my own name to title this album is indeed quite nerve-wrecking, but this is one of my most confident works thus far.
I have given a lot of thoughts and suggestions towards the photo shoot
of the album cover all the way to the making of the music video of
How do I put it, I have never thought that I would be able to do something like this so I’m very happy.
Very well! The happiness in being able to produce the music must be twice as much!
There are also other tracks which I’m currently working on, and if
there is a chance, I would like for everyone to be able to listen to it.
I will continue to give my best and work my hardest from here on! (laughs)
Even though the tones and techniques used in singing a song are
important, what I hope the listeners to cherish most is still the
[Intoxication] is a song that is sentimental and lyrical and I really
wanted to express the song well, so I placed myself within that
personality and used my voice to interpret it. I used to imitate
freshly debuted singers whom I like, and I learnt that once you have
learnt to manage the different parts of a song, the song will naturally
take on your personal style. If you try to imitate another singer while
singing, or if you give unduly stress on your vocals due to ill
management of the song, that is because you have not been able to
successfully express the true emotions of the song well.

- Xiah Junsu
Born on 1 January 1987
As an active member of DBSK, this work is his first solo activity
Took part in the musical [MOZART!] in Korea in January this year and is active in many entertainment scenes.
[Intoxication] and [Beautiful Love] have been determined to be
BeeTV’s television drama [Beautiful Love~君がいれば~] interlude and theme
song respectively. [Kanashimi no Yukue] has been determined to be the
theme song of another of BeeTV’s television drama [5年后のラブレター] (Love
Letters From 5 Years Later).
Release Information
[New Single]XIAH
01、 Intoxication
02、 君がいれば~Beautiful Love~
03、 Intoxication(Instrumental)
04、 君がいれば~Beautiful Love~(Instrumental)
Intoxication(Video Clip)
君がいれば~Beautiful Love~(Behind-the-scenes Short Version.)
Offshot movie
【First Press Limited Disc Special Code】
Offshot movies are included in the DVD.
A card-sized photo of the cover will be included (Choose 1 out of 3)
01、 Intoxication
02、 悲しみのゆくえ(Kanashimi no Yukue)
03、 君がいれば~Beautiful Love~(Short Ver.)
04、 Intoxication(Instrumental)
05、 悲しみのゆくえ(Kanashimi no Yukue)(Instrumental)
【First Press Limited Disc Special Code】
8P brochure, card-sized photo of the cover will be included (Choose 1 out of 3)

source: SONGS + baiduTVXQ
translation: kimuchi3005 @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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