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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[FACC] 091030 Tohoshinki Excursion Around Aoyama, Omotesando, and Harajuku Area

Please do not take these images out without credits, do not remove the watermarks.
They belong to linhkawaii, a translator at
Main POV is by smiley, linhkawaii's POV is coloured in purple.

Tohoshinki Excursion around Aoyama, Omotesando, and Harajuku Area
Based on Junsu’s oyaji-gag,
"Nobore nai Yama ha Aoyama""Tabe renai Sando ha Omotesandou""Benkyou shinai Juku ha Harajuku"

NOTE: Aoyama, Omotesando; and Harajuki which appear in Junsu's gags are the names of the places located in the center of Tokyo. Junsu's gag doesn't really have much of a meaning, each of the gags are rhymed verses just as I've highlighted above.

On the 29th of October, linhkawaii and I went on an excursion. It was the first time we met and at the meeting place, I was holding the cellular phone with the shouyu koto voice strap in my hands. Linh-chan said she will be wearing a purple shirt, in the sense of 'PURPLE LINE'(IMG:style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)
We met without any trouble and began our excursion just like Junsu's "T" promotion tour, starting with lunch.

The restaurant name is "Akasaka Fukinuki."

Credit:s bhabiejaejoong21

On one of the gourmet homepages for this restaurant, there is a phrase introducing the restaurant; "A certain famous person loves our GENUINE HITSUMABUSHI."
Our Junsu is stated as a FAMOUS PERSON! Wow~~~

For the reservation, I called the day before, and requested Junsu's seat. To be honest, it was a little embarrassing to make the request on the telephone.

I was so surprised when I knew that smiley has reserved the table where Junsu sat... a long while ago XD (You can see the plant behind Junsu in the video, it was the table that we sat at.) On top of that, smiley told me to sit at Junsu's seat LOL. We took pictures of me sitting there, although silly it was fun "" I also took pictures of the surroundings which looked exactly the same as in the video.

HITSUMABUSHI was very nice, refined but tasty. When we first saw the lunch in front of us, we thought it was rather light; but after eating, we were full in the stomach. With a pleasantly full stomach, we got the energy to go on our excursion just like how Junsu had gotten his energy to go on promoting by himself.

A note that the HITSUMABUSHI costs 2000 yen per person, and that is about $23 USD.

After the HITSUMABUSHI lunch, a BigEast chingu (friend) who was working nearby came to pick us up for a small tea break. She took us around the area which was like a little Korean town. There were many Korean restaurants in the area, well, I'd like to try some of the restaurants when we have another chance. The chingu's (friend) favourite member is Yoochun, and there was an hour of "Endlessly Sweet" talks about our boys.

Our Junsulv had just updated the happy news that Tohoshinki's new single will be used as the theme song for NHK in 2010; we were all so happy!

Next, we went to see "Avex" (Tohoshinki’s entertainment managing company in Japan).

To tell the truth, Avex was a rather small building than we had expected, but I was just looking at the windows, and giving thanks to CEO Mr. Matsuura for all this support for Tohoshinki. Mr. Matsuura, please, please support our boys!

Walking on, we went to see the restaurant "Maisen."
M-on Number One TV 

Credits: alwaystvxq

Watching back at the video now (which was shot at the end of 2005 or in early 2006), I am in tears. At the time the video was shot, Tohoshinki's Japanese was still not complete, would can still hear the Korean translator's voice in the background. Even so, they were still trying their best to communicate in Japanese.

Today, Tohoshinki's Japanese is perfect. You can see think ad-lib, joking, and talking about funny things even on radios (BIGEASTATION is one of my favourites.) I assume they put in great efforts in order to speak the Japanese language, it should be far behind my imagination. They truly have broken the Japanese barrier (as written in an article a few days ago) and I respect them so much for that.

Around this Omotesando area, there are the "Omotesando Hills" and "Harajuku Quest-hall," where "Tohoshinki Premium Showcase 2009" was held from July 2-6, 2009.

Credits: lunlun1995
(2:59-3:00 3:32-3:34 4:10-4:11)

Well, I've known the place for years but this pedestrain overpass became a special place for me since Yunho was once standing here! Another note, Shibuya (Next station) was another location place for Yunho's part.

I think I was saying "kya~~~~~~~" amongst all the people around.

The last place for our excursion was eating Nattou Sandwich at Kurama.

Credits: SleeplessDBSKnights

It took us a nice long walk to get to Kurama. The shop looks like any other coffee shop, and it didn't really have a "this is the nattou sandwich shop!" feeling lol. Since we were still full from hitsumabushi and we didn't really know what the sandwiches would taste like, we decided to share one sandwich. We were totally fine with the nattou, but what someone said about the nattou sandwich made us hesitate a bit XD.

We were laughing nervously like the boys did in the video XD but we tried it anyway, and surprisingly, it didn't really feel like nattou at all. The taste was sweet with sweet cream and chewy with the coffee jelly bean. I could only feel the taste and smell of nattou a little bit when after a while. I thought it was delicious, and my reaction towards the sandwich was definitely a lot better than Yoochun's LOL. I'd like to eat it again some day.

We had another nice talk while eating sandwich at the shop then smiley showed me her shoyu koto phone strap and I was seriously cracking up listening to the boys "shoyu koto" XD.

Here's a demo video of the shoyu koto phone strap:

Credits: CWenheartsNstars

Source: linhkawaii & smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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