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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Info] “Restaurant filled with Memories” for TVXQ’s Jaejoong

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This article regards the time when Jaejoong left the following signature for the Korean restaurant in Japan

TVXQ’s Jaejoong’s “filled with memories restaurant”

TVXQ’s Jaejoong arrived in Japan the later half of February, for his debut in Japanese Drama through Sunao ni Narenakute which will air in April.

During this time, Jaejoong appeared in a Korean Restaurant.

This restaurant is one filled with memories for TVXQ.

Jaejoong came to this memory filled restaurant alone.

“That weekend after 5, at this restaurant, a very very pretty person came in, it was Jaejoong!” (A customer that was present)

“Wearing a hat, under his coat, he wore jeans that had buttons on the back (T/N: on his butt… Haha! I guess we know where this fan was looking!), very casual. He came with two other guys that looks like they are together because of work related things. The shocking thing is, even though Jaejoong is a celebrity, he is very polite, gently greeting the workers (T/N:I think know where my job app is going!), and exchanged greetings in Korean. The workers seemed like they know each other, they were very relaxed. His jaw line was very defined, it looks like he is even skinner than before. Even thought it was very cold winter time, he took off his coat, wearing only a white short sleeved t-shirt. Just like that, he ate happily.” (A customer that was present)

Becoming skinnier, his appetite increased, he was very energetic.

“Toppoki, tyapotye, budetugu, etc., the three of them ate about 10 people’s share.

The first time they visited this restaurant was the fall of 04, when they were like high school students

“After Jaejoong drank a bottle of beer, he kept drinking tea and a very popular Korean sweet soft drink (it aids digestion).”

“After Jaejoong finished eating, he signed a signature that he was asked to sign, and left. Before we left the restaurant, we went to see his autograph. Underneath the Korean words there were katakana. After asking the worker, she said the Korean says “I ate a lot, need to leaven now. Will come back again.” His signature contained the meaning that he will visit again.

In fact, this restaurant is a very special place for TVXQ’s Jaejoong.

“Members were high school students during the fall of 05, 5 of them came here together. Since then, every time they come to Japan, they would come here. When the five of them lived together in an apartment, they would order out from this restaurant. To TVXQ, this restaurant is filled with memory and love.”

Filled with the members’ wonderful memories, this time may only be himself, but next time maybe the five of them will visit together.

The signature included this meaning.

source: Women’s Weekly
credit: HATO+baidutvxq
trans+shared by:

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