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Friday, September 17, 2010

[INFO] More info on CJeS Entertainment

100527 3 Members Throw SM Aside And Join Hands With Kwon Sang Woo’s Former Manager With A ‘Crinimal Record’
T/N: PLEASE READ THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. And when I mean grain, I mean a huge chunk of it. I was given a request to translate this article and I usually don’t say no to requests unless it is for good reasons.
Remember: Don’t shoot the messenger.
It has been revealed that there is a person with an interesting relationship with TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu. On Xiah Junsu’s solo album, which was recently released in Japan, the label CjeS Entertainment was printed on the cover jacket. CjeS is a company that was set up last December in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The CEO of this company is A, who is deeply rooted in the entertainment industry.
A is known for being actor Kwon Sang Woo’s former manager. He is also known for receiving a prison sentence for forcing Kwon Sang Woo to write a memorandum binding him to his exclusive contract by threatening to reveal the actors personal life to the public and boasting about the gang who had his back. He has many connections with broadcasting companies, celebrities and some of Korea’s leading conglomerates.
SM is also aware of A’s presence. One representative of SM stated, “We heard that A has something to do with the three members’ activities.”
Last July, the three submitted a exclusive contract suspension injunction against SM Entertainment saying that, “We wish to escape the shackles of this unfair contract.” The Courts sided with the three members. SM was ordered not to interfere with the three members’ individual activities. However, the Courts decided not to suspend the contract until the lawsuit was completely over. The three members and SM are currently involved in the lawsuit dealing with their exclusive contract.
The problem lies in whether or not the three members have signed a contract with A. If CjeS is merely helping the three with their activities, there is no problem. However, if a contract has been signed, the situation changes drastically. There may be a chance that the three may be swept up in a double-contract crisis that would not be in their favor. SM is currently focusing the lawsuit on the continued existence of the exclusive contract.
It is interesting that the three members, who criticized SM for the company’s unlawful contract, have joined hands with a man who has been persecuted for forcing a contract upon someone. Their stance may be weakened because of such actions.
Currently, TVXQ has halted all activities in both Korea and Japan. The group’s Japanese agency AVEX announced this pause in activities last month.
Many are saying that although TVXQ themselves or their representatives do not use the word ‘disbandment’, this indefinite pause in their activities can be perceived as a disbandment in reality. This is because AVEX announced its support for the three members’ unit group activities soon after. Currently, YoungWoong Jaejoong’s popularity is soaring in Japan. Xiah Junsu’s solo album is being appraised as one that is greatly marketable. It seems that AVEX is fully supportive of the three members’ unit group. There has been no news of the company supporting solo activities of U-Know Yunho or Choikang Changmin.
Source: [kukinews+Yuaerubi]
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Just like what the translator said, please take this with a grain of salt and do not jump into conclusions because we do not know if they really signed a contract to be artists of CJeS Entertainment or if CJeS is only in-charge of the distribution of their Japanese singles in Korea. Please take note that these are two different things.
I choose not to comment on this one since I still do not know the real story behind this. I am also in no position to judge “A” because I do not know his past issues with the artists he handled. I think it is not right for me to think badly of him immediately without knowing anything about him just because he was charged of a crime before. I also would like to know who is the OWNER (CEO is different from the owner) of CJeS Entertainment since I heard some UNCONFIRMED information that it’s owned by Mnet and/or Samsung. I think knowing who owns the company is as important (if not more important) as knowing who the CEO is. I’ll just wait for further news on this.


i REALLY hope that they know what they are doing...
cos this sounds IMMENSELY disturbing...

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kookimonster said...

This is a false rumor. The guy who was convicted was much older and has a completely different name.