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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[NEWS] JYJ will release an English album targetting the world

TVXQ’s 3 members who are in dispute with their agency SM Entertainment regarding exclusive contract (currently in hiatus), Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu revealed that they would release an album that aimed world wide as its target next month.

The album that is produced by the three members, has decided to be released in Asia, United States, and worldwide, and the party that is responsible for the distribution is Warner Music. In addition, the album is going to be available in iTune and other overseas’ options of sound services.

Ever since the three members left from SM Entertainment last year, they’ve been moving their activities to Japan and released a new album there. Recently the members also participated in soundtrack album of Korean drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ which is starring member Micky Yoochun. However, to have them releasing album with world wide market as its target including Korea, under the name of these three members, this would be their first time.

The three members in an interview at ‘G20 Summit Meeting in Seoul’ blog on September 27th, “Our current biggest goal is to release a world wide album and to succeed in world market,” they said. “There are a lot of people who have noticed about this album, and that would be a chance that this world wide activity will turn well.” explaining further.

One official party who is involved in the album production, “The color of this album is completely different from ‘TVXQ’ music I know from all of these times.” he explained. Since there are United States pop musicians who contributed in the production of this album, so there is a challenge too for the three members to do recording only in English, and they’d struggled with pronunciation ever since. Currently, the three members are working in South Korea to finalize the album and is having discussion about the group name.

The official said, “We already came to conclusion that we couldn’t use TVXQ name.” and “There is ‘B1′ that is inspired from word ‘Restart’ which in sense of ‘Beginning’. And the acronym of members’ name ‘JYJ’ has also been put forward as one of the candidate group name but it has not reached to decision yet.”

Some days ago, the Japanese label of three members, AVEX’s decision announcement to discontinue the members’ activities was spread widely, yet the three members side responded, “They (the trio) are the victims.” stating their standpoint, and claimed, “We have completely no intention to discontinue activities.”.

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