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Friday, September 17, 2010

[TWITTER] 100916 Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter update

My strength wasn’t enough, I’m sorry. And, to have to show glimpses of such a sad ending, I’m sorry, I thought I would say something rude on twitter so I quit. They did not do anything wrong, however the people they chose are not people I can mix with. So, we abandoned them, the boys we really like.

They may be puzzled about the reason why they were abandoned, but I can only answer that I probably didn’t have the charm, and furthermore, Baek-san probably had the charm. It’s frustrating, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer to everyone’s expectations. I will work harder to be a company man.

Everything is because I, who was in charge of this matter, was lacking. Reflecting back with the sweetness of insights, I still feel miserable, like my heart was broken. I’m really sorry. But, like a persistent man, I will not give up on the revival of Tohoshinki. I will continue to work relentlessly. So, see you. I’m sorry.

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Well some fans on the net are thinking bad of this message by Chiba-San but I don't know why I take it in another way. It looks to me like he sounds desperate and terribly sorry about what happened... He is even blaming himself! I'm kinda sad for him cause I know he's been trying so hard for our boys...

It is said that there was a mistranslation about the line when he said he adandoned our boys.
----> It should rather be that: our boys chose to keep working with CJES and so they abandoned Avex... ( I don't know which trans to believe O.o)
So many points are still confusing...
Ahhhhhhh this story is sooooo complicated looks like a mystery case... yet we Cassiopeia have no power to solve it except by supporting our boys and believing them...

But you know what Cassies? I will keep believing in Avex!! Do you know why? Because fans can say and believe whatever they want but in my heart there Is still a place for Matsuura-San and Chiba-San!! These two men who are not only seniors to our boys but much more closer than that, they always had deep feelings for our boys and our boys I know they also love them.

Some Cassies are already taking conclusions and blaming Avex but I can't! Matsuura-San and Chiba-San wouldn't do anything bad to our boys cause they love them. TVXQ are like their sons.
They have always shown much care for TVXQ's fans.
So I can't believe that they don't love our boys... They love them a lot!
(Just don't forget that Avex tries to bring TVXQ back together!)

I have my own idea of what happened and I don't need to play the detective by thinking too deep about 100 excuses about this problem and put my mind in war. I will just follow my heart while waiting for confirmations...

Now whether Avex will turn out to be a bad company or not, what matters to me most Is to keep supporting and believing in my 5 boys, and keep waiting for them always.

I won't take any conclusions until I have official confirmation from our boys themselves.
I will wait for PRAIN's announcement today and see what our boys will say.

Dear Cassies this case is complicated and we DON'T KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL. So let's NOT JUDGE anyone until we have OFFICIAL infos by our boys themselves.

It still hurts me to see our boys treated like this... Since the lawsuit began everyone is turning around them and don't wanna leave them in peace.
Let's keep HOPING and PRAYING for our boys cause they really deserve the best!
Remember that they are GROWN UP MEN now and can take DECISIONS BY THEMSELVES.

Let's pray for a time to come where TVXQ will have a beautiful and peaceful career without anyone hurting them and prevailing them to sing.
We are Cassiopeia and our job is to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! Always TRUST, PROTECT and BELIEVE in our boys!

Jaejung, Yoochun, Junsu, never worry, never feel lonely, cause Cassiopeia is with you no matter what happens!
Always we will walk along with you so be strong, you're not alone!


i feel so sad for Chiba-san...
cos i noe how hard he has worked for our boys...
n i noe everyone is deeply saddened by the turn of events...
how cruel can fate be?
oh god, please be merciful for ONCE to our boys...
they've gone through TOO MUCH, and we can't lose them...

キット (^^,)v

언제나 비가와도 칠흙같이 캄캄한 어둠이 와도...
그대 곁에서 기다릴께 ...
Nothing better than that...

[Color - Melody & Harmony]
For someone’s sake
we are here,
Although we can only achieve small things,
Even just for 1 second,
We still want to stop all the tears in this world,
And turn them all into smiles
My music is my life
For you, for your smile...
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