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Sunday, September 26, 2010

#MIROTICday Number 1 on Twitter trending lists within half an hour!!!

TVXQ's 4th Studio Album 'Mirotic' Simply Irresistible, Thursday September 18, 2008 Korea
Popular male vocal group TVXQ will release its 4th studio album on September 24, featuring the title song "Mirotic," composed by Remee & Troelsen, who also wrote BoA's U.S. debut single "Eat You Up."

SM Entertainment said when it first heard the song earlier this year in January, it knew it would be the perfect song to revamp the image of the group. The agency said the group finished recording the song in June. It also said the song features a dreamy, sophisticated and strong melody. "Mirotic" is also the title song of TVXQ's fourth studio album.

Kenny Wormald, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera, was put in charge of choreography of the title track. "Mirotic" will be unveiled online on September 19 through major music portals including Melon, Dosirak and Soribada.

KBS Global

TVXQ Fourth Album “Mirotic” MV to be played in front of City Hall on the 21st, Thursday September 18, 2008 Korea

Before it’s official release, TVXQ’s fourth album MV will be revealed on a big scale in front of City Hall on the 21st.

TVXQ’s fourth album MV finished filming around the end of August, with “curse,” “mystery,” and “darkness” as themes.

The producer of this MV mainly used a 35mm film camera during filming, enhancing the overall feeling of the video, with the TVXQ members and a female character immersed in the “curse,” and the members who wake up beautifully from this “curse.”

The full MV is to be released on the 21st at 6 PM Beijing time (I think it’s 7 PM Seoul time), with the theme of “giving young adults dreams and hope- TVXQ’s Mini Concert” for their showcase. The 20 second teaser, released on the 16th, has already received explosive reactions from the public.

Also, TVXQ plans to release their fourth album title song on the 24th on various music sites such as Melon, Cyworld, Soribada, etc.

source: minsarang
credit: shinki forums

TVXQ Fall Mini Concert Information, Thursday September 18, 2008 Korea

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

“Giving young adults dreams and hope- TVXQ’s Fall Mini Concert” is scheduled for September 21st at 7 PM in front of Seoul City Hall. At the mini concert, TVXQ will perform their fourth album title song, “Mirotic” for the first time. People who plan to come to the concert need to read the following details.

[Mini Concert Information]
Theme: Giving young adults hopes and dreams- TVXQ’s Fall Mini Concert
Time: 2008 September 21st, 7 PM
Location: Seoul City Hall Plaza

[Things to Remember]
We thank you for the continued love and support of TVXQ, and Cassiopeia, who has stood behind them.

This time, the concert will be different from previous showcases. To allow a broader audience to attend (people other than young adults), the concert will be held in a public area with plenty of space. We ask that all Cassiopeia and those coming to the concert to please cooperate and set a good example and show your passion and support maturely.

1. Please listen to the security guards and concert personnel, and prevent any accidents. We ask that everyone be cautious.

2. To maintain a clear view for everyone at the concert, we ask that there not be any letting go of balloons, and that there not be any selling red balloons. Member supporting goods (banners, balloons, etc.) are not allowed either. Please remember this.

3. This concert is in collaboration with Seoul, which is why it is taking place in the city. This will make parking hard for everyone, but please do not fight over parking spaces. Please take other forms of public transportation if possible.

4. “TVXQ’s Fall Mini Concert” admission information will be released tomorrow, so please look out for it.

5. While watching the concert, use of cameras, camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, etc. is prohibited. Anything that can record video and audio media is not allowed. (If your digital device is confiscated, we are not responsible for your loss.)

TVXQ is coming back to everyone with their fourth album “Mirotic,” showing everyone a more mature side of their music and stage. We hope that everyone will display mature behavior while watching the concert and enjoy this cultural event.

Also, TVXQ’s fourth album title song “Mirotic” is slated to release on the 19th, with official album sales beginning on the 24th.

Please show TVXQ your utmost support. Thank you.

source: minsarang
credit: shinki forums

TVXQ! ~ Mirotic Interview, Friday, September 19,2008 Korea

Q1 Condition of TVXQ
All: Hello, we're TVXQ!
CM: Yes, we recently were preparing for our 4th album, and we also were active in Japan simultaneously. And recently, there has been a concert with our SM family, with SM Town, right?
YC: Right.
CM: It was a place where all the SM members performed together, something I dreamed of; with our juniors, and with BOA senior. It was very meaningful and fun!
JS: Yes, it was great.

Q2 Introduction of the 4th Album
YH: Yes, this album is a very special album to us.
JJ: Of course, we have come back after one year and seven months! We're actually releasing an album after such a long time, and the title of the album is "Mirotic". Yes, and firstly, Mirotic is a new word! Just like the two chinese characters, it means 'maze', and -tic. -Tic is an english word, which you put after a an adjective. So you can say that it's a fusion between chinese characters and english. So it's a new word!
YH: Does it mean that this album is an album you can't escape from?
YH: Yes, it's a spell!
JS: Please order the album (Joomon in korean means both spell and to order!)
JJ: A while back, there was an Internet article called "We take orders for TVXQ," I was so shocked! Look at their type of sense.
YH: Our title song, Mirotic, is a dance song composed of a reverse beat. It is a song with a very sophisticated yet cold touch to it. I think that the chorus, especially, is very charming. You fall for me, you go crazy for me, you're my slave, and so on. It's basically about us, putting on a spell onto one woman. A thing like 'you can't leave me'.
JS: It's the apperance of a very confident man.
YH: Yes, a very positive man.

Q4 An episode you remember the most during the prepare of the album
YH: During the time of a year and 7 months, there were numerous episodes while we tried out best to produce this album.
YC: There were more than many! Firstly, while we were filming the music video of Mirotic; during Changmin's solo scence, it was very late, and everybody was tired. Well, Changmin was under water, in a water tank, and he dived and swam around BUT that tank ended up breaking!
JS: What broke?
YC: Don't you not know? The tank!
JS: Huh? It broke?
JS: Ah! Right it did break!
YC: You know right? (JS: Yes, yes, yes!) Well, the tank broke, and so it took more time than we expected, and plus, Changmin had a cold!
JS: I felt bad for him, while I was watching him film his part.
YH: What I remember the most is during our photoshoot; even though the music video was filmed excitingly! There were slightly some scenes where we showed some skin, right?
JJ: Yes there was.
YH: So I remember how the five of us excerized
JJ: We really tried our best
JS: Really tried our best!

Q5 Future Plans in Korea
JS: We're back after a year and seven months, finally, and releasing an album. We put a lot of effort in it, since it's our fourth album, and we tried our best to produce and prepare for it. We'll be greeting you with an awesome performance, awesome live, and awesome dance with Mirotic, so please look forward to it. We really want to be active until the end of 2008 in Korea, so please help us, and support us!

JS: It was TVXQ until now! Thank you!

Credits: ra no@ imeem + DNBN
Translation:ginaaax3 @soompi
Taken from:shutup and...DBSK!


some MIROTIC news to commemorate this special day!!!

we made #1 in half an hour's time!!!


キット (^^,)v

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Nothing better than that...

[Color - Melody & Harmony]
For someone’s sake
we are here,
Although we can only achieve small things,
Even just for 1 second,
We still want to stop all the tears in this world,
And turn them all into smiles
My music is my life
For you, for your smile...
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