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Thursday, September 16, 2010

[NEWS] 100916 Tohoshinki Trio Halts Japan activities

Avex announced on 16 September that Tohoshinki members Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu’s Japanese activities with be suspended until further notice.

Avex expressed that the management company the trio’s management company and legal representative in Korea, C.JeS, has been found guilty of, and sentenced to prison on charges of coercion. As the trio’s lawsuit in Korea with regards to the exclusive contract is still pending, the chances that the exclusive contract is invalid has increased.

Avex stated that until these issues are resolved, they have decided not to continue with the management of the artists’ activities in Japan. The trio, for the time being, have decided to halt all activities.

T/N: We are currently trying to verify this piece of news with our Korean translator.

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This is really confusing and we can't take conclusions with such news... Many things are unclear... So, Now read this:

CJES is being investigated for gang activities (coercion/threat).the exclusive management contract JYJ (the unit) has with Avex, was signed through CJES (their Korean management).now they’re stopping JYJ activities cos if CJES is proven guilty it might make the Avex contract invalid & jeopardize the SME suit This is what Avex press release says. They probably didn’t announce this earlier cos 1) it wasn’t final 2) JYJ’s activities were already arranged.
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So this makes more sense to the story.
Still they are bad news as for the activities for JYJ as a group will be halted T_T in Japan.
But it means that their solo activities will keep going in Japan which is better than nothing... Right? (we have to be satisfied with the least we can have Cassies)

What breaks my heart is that our 3 boys are always sunk in those companies matters!
It hurts to me to see that JYJ didn't do anything yet suddenly the company CJES has to be linked to gangsters etc..
Isn't there a Korean company that would care for JaeChunSu and give them some peace in their work?????
Our boys sure must be having a headache with all those companies rubishness...

Anyway Cassies this is not JYJ's fault, nor Avex's fault, nor SM's fault...
It is all because of CJES and their gangster reputation...
All we can do is keep praying for them always and never stop to!
A Korean album is supposed to be out next month but these news have nothing to do with it since it is not related to Japan (but the ennemy would more be SM and its jealousy)

Such news are the best occasion for anti-fans to take victory on us... So please Cassies be strong and patient! We cannot be weak!!
We cannot let them laugh on JYJ and us!
Let's keep PRAYING HARD for our JaeChunSu to be fine! And our DBSK to come back!
JaeChunSu will be strong I believe, they are grown men now. Let's stands by them and go through this with patience!
JaeChunSu fighting!! We are with you boys!


can't they have some peace in their lives at all!!!
what's with ALL THE DRAMA???!!!

キット (^^,)v

언제나 비가와도 칠흙같이 캄캄한 어둠이 와도...
그대 곁에서 기다릴께 ...
Nothing better than that...

[Color - Melody & Harmony]
For someone’s sake
we are here,
Although we can only achieve small things,
Even just for 1 second,
We still want to stop all the tears in this world,
And turn them all into smiles
My music is my life
For you, for your smile...
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